Dear God, today I come to you to tell you I am ready.

I am tired of running away. You caught me many times, clipped my wings and set me down, but I always felt there was something better out there and I kept leaving.  I realized my escape was not worth it because there is nothing or no one out there better than You. I am tired of running; I feel like a hamster running around and around in the cage and not getting anywhere.  Lord, you said you would never leave me nor forsake me so now I am asking You to take me.  I am ready to stand still and listen. You tell me what You want me to do.

I want YOU to show me the way.

Dear God, I am reaching out to YOU. Please take my hand and lead me in the direction You want me to go because, really, I am lost.

I had this game I was playing by myself – I was always saying, “well God if You do this one favor for me then I will go to church more often, and I will pray twice as much.”  At the same time YOU were telling me if I listened to you and do things your way YOU had a special gift for me. Every time I really wanted something I would remind you of all the good  things I have done but I forgot You are God – You don’t need to be reminded, you see and know it all.

I came a long way from where I used to be; I learnt more and more about You everyday. The thing is this: I don’t mind getting closer to You but – you see all these one way, dead end streets, U-turns, busy signals, different religions – things got confusing for me.

But I know there is only one God and I want to be right with You.

I may not do what others are doing, but I know I am not doing what I need to be doing. So, as I come to You today with a sincere and pure heart, I ask that You please forgive me for all my sins and just give me one more chance to get it right.

I want to make a brand new start TODAY because we are not promised to see tomorrow.

I know you have been waiting for me and I am ready. Today.